Breiwick Beach on the Island Whalsay, Scotland

Whalsay is an island that is part of the Shetland Islands.
The main place on the island is Symbister, the fishing fleet location and departure point of the ferries to Laxo and Vidlin on Mainland. There is also a small airport. The famous Scottish poet Hugh MacDiarmid lived on this island for several years. The highest point of the island is at 119 meters.

from the coast of Schouwen-Duiveland



This picture is taken towards departure point at Schouwen-Duiveland (51 ° 42 '39.64 "N 3 ° 41' 05.77" O)
and from the highest point where the horizon touches the sea is still visible.

Direction: 165 ° from the north
Camera height: 100 meters
Location camera: 60 ° 19 '44.02 "N 0 ° 59' 50.69" W




Nearest place, seen from the landing point, where food is for sale.

I had contact with Mist Angeli, nurse, poet and children's bookwriter. She had the key of the house where poet Hugh MacDiarmid had lived. A primitive böd, just cold water, a piet stoof and no other facility for cooking. Dark and damp. But beyond a vast expanse of a rolling country, covered with a thick coat of moss, where you turn over your ankles. About Hugh MacDiarmid is a great movie on YouTube. I visited Wahlsay in June 2014 and slept four nights in the böd.










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