The Iland Ullerøya, Norway

Ullerøya is one of the outermost islands in the Spind archipelago and is located in Farsund municipality. There were permanent people on Ullerøya until about 1960 . Most of the houses on the island now function as a summer residence. Two houses are still occupied by a fisherman and a sheep farmer throughout the year. The highest point of the island is 97 m.

from the coast of Schouwen-Duiveland




This picture is taken towards departure point at Schouwen-Duiveland (51 ° 42 '39.64 "N 3 ° 41' 05.77" O)
and from the highest point where the horizon touches the sea is still visible.

Direction: 195 ° from the north
Camera height: 87 meters
Location camera: 58 ° 02 '29.97 "N 6 ° 55' 55.60" O





Nearest place, seen from the landing point, where food is for sale.

By mail I contacted Theis Alexander Asholm. In early August 2014 I traveled to Farsund in Norway and Theis Alexander took me with his boat to the small private island of Ullerøya and I stayed in a chalet of his family. Through the window of this chalet you look towards Schouwen-Duiveland. I experienced there three big storms.










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