Hornsea, England

Hornsea is a small resort in East Riding of Yorkshire, England at the east end of the Trans Pennine Trail. The city has a seafront with shops where you can buy fish and chips, ice cream, buckets and shovels and other traditional beach attributes.

from the coast of Schouwen-Duiveland



This picture is taken towards departure point at Schouwen-Duiveland (51 ° 42 '39.64 "N 3 ° 41' 05.77" O)
and from the highest point where the horizon touches the sea is still visible.

Direction; 135 ° from the north
Height camera; 3.5 meters

Location camera; 53 ° 54 '48.51 "N 0 ° 09' 65.91" W








Nearest place, seen from the landing point, where food is for sale.




Via coughsurfing I had contact with Sally Brown who lives in Hornsea . In June 2014, we visited this real seaside resort with lots of fish and chips, fitness centers and tattooed people and slept at the Atwick campsite. Sun, high waves and lots of wind. At the front of the campsite, it is crowded between the large vans with garden doors, cats and at least two dogs. Especially poodles and necklaces with bowls are loved. But on the empty site for temporary guests, who do not need electricity, it's deliciously empty. Just descend and you're on the beach. In the town, it's especially the people who draw your attention. Filming on the seafront we get coffee offered by the woman for whose house we are. Brilliant.











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