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From a sense of connection to the landscape, I organize the experiences I have there, and that gives my life meaning. Even as a small child, I played in the dunes of Schouwen-Duiveland and as an artist I continue to play with and to portray the element of that specific landscape. In my work water flows,wind blows, plants grow and people and animals move. They all leave their traces behind, memories that are processed and afterwards visualized. It is the discovery of the larger structure and the subtle details that carry the vulnerability of the moment within. I donít so much live in the midst of nature, but share in the life of nature. As an artist, Iím very reflective.

Since 1996 I have taken a special interest in one dune-valley, which I call Ďde Plekí ( the Spot ). I am confronted with a dynamic area, which has both a vulnerable, small-scale and yet at the same time robust and monumental character. Because 'de Plek' goes through so many changes, I became curious to know more about its history and its possible development.

Small-scale movements had important consequences and I have discovered that everything has a clear logical function, which is full of poetry.

For some years I have given special attention to six squares of 'de Plek'. Because I have approached these squares in the same visual way, I have discovered that there are many differences. After concentrating on the details new areas revealed themselves. They are temporality images,changing in a matter of days, sometimes even in hours.

By the attention to the tracks in the spot, among which is that of the birds, I also observed the air above the Spot. My walks and acts spread themselves all over the complete spot and around. Moreover I follow a number of plants and trees in and around the spot.

With all the knowledge "de Plek" has given me, I also started to study different locations outside the place.

In 2012 I climbed the highest point near the Spot and started a study about what is behind the Horizon.

In 2014 I made a trip through Ireland. A fold in the card was the trail.

Since 2015 as part of Wad-Gast I visited different islands.

2018 reorientation of the brooks Ruiten Aa, To present works in 2020 in Beek in Beeld 2.0

In the spring and early summer of 2019 I was a beach herder on the beach of the Verklikker.see project VLUCHT

As a result of man's influence on nature, newer and larger processes are emerging that are changing our habitat.

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